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Drama all the way.

As long as lash extensions have been " a thing" I've been getting them done. I've experienced everything from the hole in the wall salon, the at home salon, to the luxury lash only service boutique. These experiences have shown me what I want to receive as a lash client, the atmosphere that I'm looking for during my appointment and how dedicated the staff are to my concerns and needs. I apply the concept of "if it were me, what would I want" and I only want the best, so that's what I thrive to achieve for you.

My guarantee to you is to take the time, to go over exactly what look/pattern suits your lifestyle best, while ensuring you have the proper knowledge about the products I use,

the aftercare and upkeep. 
I offer only dramatic mixed sets which are hybrid sets of volume fans ( hand made) alternating with classic individual lashes. 
I offer my services in the comfort of my own home but also offer mobile services for those visiting the Ibiza for a few days.